How It Started

I picked up Pearl at school, and was quickly met with: “Mama, I don’t need birthday gifts this year. I want to raise money for water. I want to build a well for people who don’t have water. I can do extra chores to earn more. I have enough stuff.”

Yes: proud mama.

Pearl is 6 years old in first grade now 7 years old in second grade, and would like to raise $2,000 to build a well. We have been brainstorming on fundraising options and agreed that the first step would be to promote sales for her notecards. (She makes them each year as gifts for family and friends, and sells them during the holidays to raise money for extras–like violin and dance lessons, all-day ride pass at the county fair, that kind of thing.)

You canĀ contribute!

And our friend Lorelle posted a really lovely Facebook live video that wonderfully captures Pearl’s spirit. (Lorelle is a pretty magical spirit herself.)

Any assistance towards Pearl’s goal is so much appreciated! Thank you for supporting a kinder world, full of people who want to help.